Naher al-Bared people waiting for their houses since MAY 2007

Beirut, 12-Oct.09

Natalia Sancha

Today took place a demonstration organized by several Palestinians NGO, among them Nashdi. Te goal, to protest about the slowness of the reconstruction of Palestinian refugee camp near Tripoli: Naher Al bared. The camp that was destroyed by Lebanese Army after four months of combats with Fatah al-Islam, haven’t being rebuild since then…this is one year and three month ago. A camp that was housing 30,000 Palestinians, which were relocated following their social networks in others camps as Badawi in the North, or Ein El Helwe in the South.

demonstration_forNaher Albared reconstruction_Martyr squares_121009-4

Today, the discovery of some ruins under the camp during the reconstruction work seems to be the reason of why the reconstruction have being paralyzed since  a couple of months. The general Aoun finds such ruins very interesting and has asked the government to take some more time in order to find out how to preserve them It is interesting to note that almost all Lebanon is on top of incredible historical ruins and that very often I pass by a new construction site where they find roman ruins. The last one was in Gemeyze where housing prices are raising up in this new fashionable neighborhood. They founded ruins when cleaning the space in order to build a new and surely economic fructiferous skyscraper. They clean the area, showed the ruins, took a photo and keep on building over the new discovery as nothing happened. This seems to be the normal procedure when they find a ruin here. But I guess the camps are to politicized territory as to let the ruins succumb to the normal and fatal burial that they would suffer if they where anywhere else in Lebanon.

So far today Palestinian showed up under a strong sun and several Palestinian representative read some speeches. It was sad to learn that nowadays, because of the reconstruction work,  the struggle for power and direction over the Palestinian movement in the Diaspora, is no more the monopole of political movements -Fatah and Hamas- but also among Palestinian NGOs in order to lead the reconstruction and of course gain some more power over Palestinians.

Finally, it was interesting  to note that the demonstration took place at the Martyr’s square, where all Lebanese acts, demonstration and protests normally take place and not in Riad Al Solh, where Palestinians protest normally or any protest against UN takes place.

Meanwhile, thousands of Palestinian are since may 2007 double refugees, having to run away  from their  camp and become guest in another camp.


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