Rocket from Lebanese Soil to Israel

Since a couple of months, in Lebanese streets and following the tragical mentality inherited from the war experience, runs the rumors that a new war with Israel is close. A war were Nasralah either wil win for ever or will be destroyed. Today people in the south are a bit more alarmed by this episode.



Rocket fired from Lebanon hits IsraelBEIRUT/JERUSALEM  – A rocket fired from Lebanon hit northern Israel on Tuesday causing no damage or injury, an Israeli police spokesman said.

A Lebanese security source confirmed a rocket had been fired from southern Lebanon from the village of Houla, and another Lebanese security source said Israel returned artillery fire at the area.

Israeli northern military command held an immediate meeting to discuss the incident and retaliation options. The Lebanese government was held responsible.

Micky Rosenfeld, spokesman for Israeli police, said a Katyusha rocket “landed in upper Galilee” after darkness and that there were no reports of damage or injury. An Israeli military spokesman had no immediate comment.

There was no immediate claim made for Tuesday’s rocket which fell in an area near the northern Israeli border town of Kiryat Shmone, an Israeli security source later said.

Meanwhile, Lebanese Army and UNIFIL rushed to the scene and encircled the incident’s zone as their patrols roamed the area.

Reports mentioned that the Israeli jetfighters were roaming densely the sky of the South.

This was the fourth rocket attack this year from Lebanon towards Israel and comes as cross-border tensions have been increasing.

On September 11, at least two rockets fired from the southern village of Al-Qlaileh slammed into Israel without causing casualties but triggering retaliatory artillery fire.

A group linked to Al-Qaida claimed responsibility.

In February, Israeli artillery bombarded Al-Qlaileh in response to a rocket attack. There were no casualties in Lebanon, while a few Israelis were lightly wounded.

In January, during Israel’s assault on the Gaza Strip, four rockets fired from Lebanon hit northern Israel, wounding two women. -Agencies



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