Algeria-Egypt: Would a soccer match end up in diplomatic crisis ?

I was reluctant to the idea of devoting a single word to a soccer match but unfortunately the consequences have reached unexpected limits.  Here I post some of the comments in Algerian and Egyptian press (and other). Both media are very well-known for transforming little incidents in nation state problems where sooner or later the presidents have to intervene in the matter.


In countries where the critic of their own politics, in this case the regimes ruled by Mubarak and Buteflika, are bounded by the limits of political criticism under the banner of “ national security”, soccer and issues related to US and EU foreign policy have always a major role and space in public media where the discussion is so opened that can reach unexpected limits as is the case with soccer match between Algeria and Egypt  in Soudan.


Many Algerians and Egyptian lawmakers and activists are wondering why Egyptians and Algerian didn’t show as much temper and nationalism against torture in their countries or for human rights or at the last presidential elections of their countries.

Enjoy the reading and don’t miss the front cover of the Algerian newspaper al-khabar.


For pictures enjoy the ones taken by a good friend in Cairo: Tim Khaldas:




Egypt versus Algeria: all for you, Jamal Mubarak


 “The Mother of All Matches”

C’est la plus grand nombre de personnes transportées dans l’histoire de l’aviation civile dans le monde après le blocus de Berlin”

Not to be

Defeated by Algeria, Egypt could not make it to the World Cup. Alaa Abdel-Ghani reports on the match and the trouble thereafter

مظاهرات «الغضب» تتواصل: المحامون يحرقون علم الجزائر.. وتعليمات بـ«التهدئة» فى مجلس الشعب

no tiene desperdicio la portada de al-Khabar

Medelci convoque l’ambassadeur égyptien

أدخلنا المصريين في حداد وبكاء شعبهم سيستمر لسنوات
مجموعتنا صعبة في كأس إفريقيا وستكون محطة تحضيرية للمونديال

Algerians attack Egyptian football fans in Sudan


الجامعة تتوسط بين مصر والجزائر

for a chronicle stories about the most famous match


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