Crucial Missing Piece of Ethiopian Plane’s 2nd Black Box Found , in Naharnet

A key piece — the memory recorder — missing from the crashed Ethiopian plane’s second black box was recovered Monday, Transportation Minister Ghazi Aridi announced.
He said the recovered part was handed over to the investigation committee formed to probe the plane crash.Lebanese army divers had retrieved the second black box from the Ethiopian jet that crashed into the Mediterranean Sea last month.

The Boeing 737 crashed just minutes after takeoff from Beirut airport during a fierce thunderstorm, killing all 90 people on board.

Passenger planes carry two black boxes _ a data flight recorder and a cockpit voice recorder.

A Lebanese army statement at the time said only the base for the second black box was found and not its memory recorder.

A statement issued by the Lebanese army said navy commandos recovered the memory recorder of the cockpit voice recorder off the coast of Naameh, the site of the plane crash.

Meanwhile, search teams were able to pull more victims on Tuesday.

The remains of 11 more plane crash victims were identified on Monday, raising the number of Lebanese bodies identified to 41 from 54.

Pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat said the body of an Ethiopian male believed to be one of the crew members was pulled on Monday.

Odyssey Explorer, a vessel operated by a private U.S. firm that specializes in underwater recovery, began work Tuesday after the civilian vessel Ocean Alert left Lebanese territorial waters.

Beirut, 16 Feb 10, 12:36

In Naharnet:

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