Lo que cuentan los retretes…What a W.C has to say…

The tandem religion-politics rhythms the life of Lebanese. Neighborhoods in Beirut are divided by religious confessions, being Ashrafye Christian, Speers Sunni, Dahie Shia and, Hamra a little nomanland’s where the religious mix is spiced by the foreigners’ presence. The rest of the country is a myriad of ethnical divided map with some small pockets of “the others”. This confessionalism is perpetuated by the daily practice and overall by a domestic confessionalism. Universities were divide as well by religions creating generations of AUB educated Christians-Sunni students, being USJ  a fabric of Christian generations, or Arab university contributing with Muslim young generations. And they will all do business with their partners and will maintain their network among their university colleagues and therefore with their religious buddies. Do not misunderstand me, I am not painting a catastrophic picture of Lebanon,and i do not like to present a country by its religious parts, but  I think this societal status has become through time a mere reality. They will probably also get married with their owns.

Nowadays, AUB and USJ or LAU have Shias and Sunnis students. And very often I hear from my Lebanese friends that this “religious segregation is not more the case. That they are all very well mixed and represented in those universities”. Well, yesterday I entered in one of   LAU’s bathrooms. In Lebanon every wall is a blank page were to express oneself and this is what a young person had to say while urinating.

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