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Bastion of Impunity,Mirage of Reform Human Rights in the Arab Region Annual Report 2009,


Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies


Ful report:    Bastion of Impunity, Mirage of Reform Human Rights in the Arab Region Annual Report 2009


Dedication 7

Acknowledgment 13

Why This Report? 17

Introduction: the Future of the Arab World; Trapped between a Failed 21 State and a Religious State / Bahey eldin Hassan

Report Summary: General State of Human Rights in the Arab Region 31

Part One: Human Rights Situations in the Arab Region Chapter One: Countries under Occupation and Armed Conflict

51 51

1- The Occupied Palestinian Territories : Between the Barbarity of Israel 53 and the Cruelty of “National” Leaders

2- Iraq: Relative Improvements Precariously Balanced 65 3- Sudan: Can Another Civil War Be Avoided? 77

4- Yemen: Between Fragmentation and “Somalization”? 87

5- Lebanon: A Dual Power Structure Threatens Further Deterioration 99 Chapter Two: The Dilemma of Human Rights and Democracy 109 1- Egypt: Signs of Merging a Police State and a Religious State 111 2- Tunisia: A Classic Example of a Police State 129

3- Algeria: Towards Individual Dictatorship 139

(3)4- Morocco: Worrying Indicators for the Future of Human Rights 149

5- Syria: A Graveyard for Reformers and Human Rights Defenders 163

6- Saudi Arabia: Promoting Interfaith Dialogue Internationally while 173 Internally Repressing Religious Minorities

7- Bahrain: Systematic Discrimination against Shiites to Strengthen the 183 Rule of the Sunni Minority

Part Two: When the Oppressed are Used as Shields; Women’s Rights Up for Negotiation

Part Three: Arab Governments before the Regional and International Organizations



1- The Uncertain Future of International Human Rights: Arab States 209 within the United Nations Human Rights System

2- Human Rights Commission within the League of Arab States 231 Comes Under Siege


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