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Bastion of Impunity,Mirage of Reform Human Rights in the Arab Region Annual Report 2009,


Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies


Ful report:    Bastion of Impunity, Mirage of Reform Human Rights in the Arab Region Annual Report 2009


Dedication 7

Acknowledgment 13

Why This Report? 17

Introduction: the Future of the Arab World; Trapped between a Failed 21 State and a Religious State / Bahey eldin Hassan

Report Summary: General State of Human Rights in the Arab Region 31

Part One: Human Rights Situations in the Arab Region Chapter One: Countries under Occupation and Armed Conflict

51 51

1- The Occupied Palestinian Territories : Between the Barbarity of Israel 53 and the Cruelty of “National” Leaders

2- Iraq: Relative Improvements Precariously Balanced 65 3- Sudan: Can Another Civil War Be Avoided? 77

4- Yemen: Between Fragmentation and “Somalization”? 87

5- Lebanon: A Dual Power Structure Threatens Further Deterioration 99 Chapter Two: The Dilemma of Human Rights and Democracy 109 1- Egypt: Signs of Merging a Police State and a Religious State 111 2- Tunisia: A Classic Example of a Police State 129

3- Algeria: Towards Individual Dictatorship 139

(3)4- Morocco: Worrying Indicators for the Future of Human Rights 149

5- Syria: A Graveyard for Reformers and Human Rights Defenders 163

6- Saudi Arabia: Promoting Interfaith Dialogue Internationally while 173 Internally Repressing Religious Minorities

7- Bahrain: Systematic Discrimination against Shiites to Strengthen the 183 Rule of the Sunni Minority

Part Two: When the Oppressed are Used as Shields; Women’s Rights Up for Negotiation

Part Three: Arab Governments before the Regional and International Organizations



1- The Uncertain Future of International Human Rights: Arab States 209 within the United Nations Human Rights System

2- Human Rights Commission within the League of Arab States 231 Comes Under Siege


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Reshuffling the Cards? (II): Syria’s New Hand , by ICG

And here comes part two…

Reshuffling the Cards? (II): Syria\’s New Hand

To read Reshuffling the Cards? (I): Syria’s Evolving Strategy, please click here.


Syria typically, and at times justifiably, brings to mind stagnation and immobility. Yet, over recent years, change has been afoot. In 2008, it agreed to Turkish-mediated talks with Israel. It built ties with the Iraqi government after long depicting it as the offspring of an illegitimate occupation. It began to normalise relations with Lebanon, after years of resisting its claim to sovereignty. It accelerated economic reforms. These steps fall short of being revolutionary; some were imposed rather than chosen and reflected opportunism rather than forward thinking. Still, by Syrian standards, they are quite remarkable, especially in contrast to recent fervent militancy.

In a companion report with identical policy recommendations published on 14 December 2009, Crisis Group analysed the factors behind Damascus’s strategic evolution. Here, it explores in detail the mechanism, extent and limitations of these adjustments as well as challenges faced by the Obama administration if it wishes to exploit and solidify them. Only so much can be done in advance of genuine progress in Israeli-Syrian negotiations. For reasons Israeli, Syrian and American, that could be some time in the making. In the interim, Washington and Damascus should move beyond their tactical interaction by heightening the level of their engagement, broadening its agenda and quickly focusing on joint steps on Iraq.

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Arab Human Development report 2009: Challenges to Human Security in the Arab Countries

I haven’t read it yet but here is the link: AHDR 2009

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Arab Human Development Report 2009 “Challenges to Human Security in the Arab Countries”

Arab Human Development Report 2009: \”Challenges to Human Security in the Arab Countries\”

After few years of silence, the the UNDP plublishes the last Arab Human Development Report.

Click the link to acces the English or Arabic full text.

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